Have You Considered Taking A Cruise?

When you think of travel, you might pick a destination and assume you’ll fly… But what if the destination wasn’t the goal? What if the goal was the travel itself?

Welcome to the wonderful world of cruises!! And the best part? You can do it domestically.

That’s right! The United States of America offers some of the most breathtaking cruises in the world, right in the comfort of your own “backyard”. 

Let’s explore some of the options:

The Mississippi River 

Why Mississippi?

It’s a major part of so much American lore. Whether it’s Huckleberry Fin or Lewis and Clark, the might Mississippi River runs through it all. 

While on your cruise, you can see all parts of Mississippi’s storied history and stop off at New Orleans on your way! Classic mansions and willow lined private roads highlight the beauty of this scenic cruise. 

The Ohio River 

Why Ohio?

This has been hailed as a hidden gem by cruise enthusiasts. Enjoy the best of America’s Heartland from the luxury of a cruise liner. You can sipping mint juleps in Kentucky and an aluminum bottled “steel city” when you hit Pittsburgh. And don’t forget the sweet tea!

The Rivers of Tennessee 

Why Tennessee?

The music. The history. The Whiskey! 

From Nashville to Memphis to Knoxville to Pigeon Forge, you can see it all! The cruises here are known to really surprise riders with their variety of stops.  

Cruising to Alaska 

Why Alaska?

Alaska is full of natural beauty, intriguing wildlife and full-tilt adventure. The island-filled southeast region of the state is a common destination of cruises from the West Coast. Fans of rugged beauty, exceptional cuisine and luxurious vacations can find a lot to love in Alaska.

Best Cruise Lines

A number of cruise liners have Alaska as a destination. From family-friendly Carnival Legend to romance-centric Ruby Princess, there’s something for any type of cruiser. Today we’re going to look at a few of the most notable ships plying the Pacific waters around the Alaskan islands! 

Nieuw Amsterdam

The traditional, quiet, reserved and upscale appeal of Nieuw Amsterdam is great for more mature cruisers. If you’re looking for a more traditional cruise, maybe with less children running around, then consider this cruise liner.

You won’t find rock-climbing walls or goofy children’s attractions on this boat, so if you’ve got kids coming with you, this might not be the best pick. However, if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway with you and your sweetheart, this refined cruise is for you.

Scrumptious dining, upscale service and an air of dignified luxury are hallmarks of this cruise line. Of particular note is the main dining room, which is complimentary with any cruise. The food and service found therein are of excellent quality, perfect for any discerning cruiser.

Carnival Legend

For families looking for a good value, Carnival offers an affordable and enjoyable cruising experience. If you don’t mind the presence of kids and families, Carnival Legend offers a great Alaskan cruise on a very reasonable budget. Those who prefer a more family-friendly atmosphere will appreciate this type of cruise liner. 

Ruby Princess

The Ruby Princess is a great cruise for people who want the best of both worlds. Ample luxury and fun activities go hand-in-hand on this Princess cruise liner. Attractions like the “Movies Under the Stars” (complete with popcorn and warm blankets) make this ideal for younger couples.

Likewise, the adults-only sun deck is a wonderful and relaxing place to relax away from the kiddos. There’s even a Voice spin-off, “Voice of the Ocean,” to be found on this cruise liner. Combine that with great dining and wonderful interior design, and you’ve got one winner of a ship!