Great Canvas Print Services

Hanging a well-crafted canvas print on your wall is a great way to showcase original artwork. It lends a sort of “grand experience” mood to it like you’re viewing an original masterpiece. But without the famous artwork prices. The people doing the printing must have a particular skill for adjusting the saturation, sharpness, and contrast of an image in order to preserve the captivating appeal of the image without distorting it. The canvases should be made of fine art paper and wooden frames handmade.

When looking for a canvas printing service to blow up and display your photography, you’ll want to avoid companies that use factory assembled canvases and low-level printing technology to simply duplicate an image onto the canvas surface.

These companies won’t offer anything special. No designer editing, no enhancements, no ensuring the image is striking and natural-looking. What you send is what you get – and maybe not in a properly fitted arrangement.


When you run down the list of things that are important for getting a high-quality product, Canvaspop came out on top in every category. Not only do they use the highest quality materials available, they are passionate about art which means they strive to create stunning art prints with each image.

With Canvaspop, it’s more than just about printing an image on canvas but creating captivating art!

  • When you place an order with them, you are assigned a personal designer who works with you during the process.
  • They’re great at making recommendations that will ensure that the image is bold, vibrant, and well-orientated on the canvas for the most appealing composition.
  • They make adjustments to the contrast, brightness, and saturation, and will even remove red eyes in order to perfect the image.
  • Even better, your designer and the world-class customer support team will be available to you by email, chat, or phone so you can work collaboratively with them to get the perfect final design.


Though their name alludes to the site’s massive stock image archive, ElephantStock does an excellent job when it comes to creating one-of-a-kind canvases. With a large business sector clientele, ranging from hotel rooms to office spaces, they always provide consistent, professional-looking results.

Despite their corporate appeal, the real people behind the scenes are more than willing to help individual customers through every step of their orders, ensuring an end product they can feel good about. In our own personal experience, a representative actually went out of her way to reach out and lend a hand with a potentially problematic file.

ElephantStock utilizes high-res Giclee printing processes on poly-cotton blend canvas material. They then stretch the photographs across carefully crafted North American pine frames. UV scratch-resistant and waterproof laminates work together to further protect images from harm. In short, when you purchase an ElephantStock product, you can count on it to look beautiful for years to come.

Both color and black and white products feature bold, rich tones that don’t overpower. The craftsmanship is consistently neat and sturdy. Sizes range from 9×6″ to 110″x36″ for three-panel panoramic. So really, it’s possible to get the perfect piece for just about any space in your house.

Best of all, for the quality offered, ElephantStock goes the extra mile to keep fees down. Frequent sales mark down canvas prices significantly. But don’t let the price tag fool you – if your original piece was priced at $500, you’ll be sure to receive a piece that’s worth just that.


“Discount” doesn’t need to mean “downgrade,” as CanvasDiscount has proved through our past experiences. The service boasts the “lowest prices on the web” and offers a 110% discount guarantee to all of its customers. That means if you find the product cheaper anywhere else, CanvasDiscount will not only match the price but provide an additional 10% off. But with canvases dipping as low as $5 per piece, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better bargain anywhere else.

Despite their impossibly low prices, CanvasDiscount doesn’t “cheap out.” Prints are consistently superb, and the canvas itself has a strong texture that further strengthens the overall presentation of each piece. The site generates sizing options based on the size of the JPEG file uploaded, reducing the chances of an unpleasant pixelated end product.

It’s clear in the presentation that the people behind CanvasDiscount care deeply about the quality of their products. They stretch each canvas out by hand and prepare and deliver everything neatly. And, best of all, the latex inks are solvent-free, making this product a safe choice for those with children or sensitive allergies.


A family-owned and operated business, the folks working behind the scenes take special care to evaluate each image that’s sent their way. Along with their proof, they’ll often provide insight on how to optimize your order for the best print display possible. Their thoughtful, friendly customer service blows other canvas printers out of the water.

The actual canvas pieces are beautiful and built to last. Every photograph is made using commercial-grade inks designed to resist moisture and reduce fading. Their archival-certified canvas is sourced from the US and specifically designed for high-end fine art and photography. And their kiln-dried pine frames are built to resist warping over time. In short, they go the extra mile whenever possible to ensure an image you’ll love.