Best Dog Food Brands for Discerning Owners

If you’re a dog owner, you know that picking the right dog food can be incredibly difficult. There are a number of competing brands looking for your dollars, and not all of them are best for your dog. However, finding which one is the best can be stressful: you don’t want to subject your dog to food that isn’t good for them just to find out which one is the best.

There are a number of brands that use sub-par ingredients, fillers and various other negative contents that could be bad for dogs. Ideally you want to find dog food that has no harmful igredients, above-average meat content, acceptable carb amounts and a good amount of fats when compared to proteins. Let’s take a look at some of our top picks for taking care of your dog’s dietary needs.

Instinct Original

Instinct Original Dry Dog Food is a great dog brand for all adult dogs and puppies, across any breed. Whether you have a tiny chihuahua puppy or a fully-grown Great Dane, Instinct Original Dry Dog Food is a great pick. The food offers a great protein-to-fat ratio, and has a good amount of real meat in the ingredients. It includes beef as well as chicken meal and white fish meal, and is filled out with peas.

If you’re worried about your dog getting enough protein for their amount of exercise, then Instinct is a great choice for you. While most lower-quality dog food brands fill out the bulk of their food with grains or other low-nutrition fillers, Instinct is primarily composed of protein and lower on fat and carbs than most competitors. This makes it a great pick if you’re trying to keep your dog on a diet, too!

Dr Tim’s Pursuit Active Dog Formula

Many active people love keeping their dogs with them when they go out. It’s fun to get outside and get active with your dog: they love the exercise and you love the time spent bonding. If you’re always going on jogs, hikes and runs with your dog, they need to be getting the right fuel to help them stay in shape. That’s where a brand like Dr. Tim’s comes in. Dr. Tim’s Pursuit Active Dog Formula carries all the nutrients and protein your dog needs to keep up with an active lifestyle.

The best thing about keeping your dog active is that it’s good for their long-term health. Everyone wants their dog to live longer and be healthier in the long run. The best way to look out for your dog’s long-term health, of course, is to help them stay active with you! This food is good for all dog breeds, and is okay for puppies if they’re from small or medium breeds.

Victor Hi-Pro Plus

You might not have heard of Victor Hi-Pro Plus dry dog food, but it’s a great brand for all adult dog breeds and small or medium breed puppies. The budget is right for food of this quality too: if you’re worried about breaking the bank, this is a good high-quality dog food for a reasonable price. You can rest assured knowing you’re not skimping out on your pup, as the main ingredients in this dog food are beef meal, chicken fat and pork meal.

The fat-to-protein ratio is about 67%, making it a significant upgrade over lower-quality brands of dog food. Whether you’re switching your dog over to this food to get them on a healthier diet or starting a puppy out right, it’s hard to go wrong with Victor Hi-Pro Plus dry dog food. It’s simple, it’s quality and it’ll keep your dog in good health.